Evergreen Cemetery
of Santa Cruz
By Traci Bliss with Randall Brown
Landmarks Series
ISBN: 9781467143868
$21.99 | 176 pp. | paperback Available: August 31, 2020

Created in 1858, the Evergreen Cemetery provided a final resting place for a multitude of Santa Cruz’s adventurers, entrepreneurs and artists. The land was a gift from the Imus family, who’d narrowly escaped the fate of the Donner Party more than a decade earlier and had already buried two of their own.

Alongside these pioneers, the community buried many other notables, including London Nelson, an emancipated slave turned farmer who left his land to the city schools, and journalist Belle Dormer, who covered a visit by President Benjamin Harrison and the women’s suffrage movement. Join Traci Bliss and Randall Brown as they bring to life the tragedies and triumphs

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