Big Basin Redwood Forest:
California’s Oldest State Park
& Evergreen Cemetery of Santa Cruz

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About Big Basin Redwood Forest

Environmental expert and former Director of the Bureau of Land Management, Patrick Shea, teaches Public Lands at Stanford University. “When my students experience the ancient redwoods on a field trip they’re forever etched in memory. Dr. Bliss’s excellent biography of the place, Big Basin, reawakens the beginning, and by explicit challenge, our continuing obligation to protect these extraordinary places for future generations.

“Read Big Basin Redwood Forest–California’s Oldest State Park, become involved in the Reimaging Big Basin process and embrace a more complete dedication like that of these early preservationists.”

And About Evergreen Cemetary

“A wonderful work that is very much more than it purports to be.”

Sandy Lydon


A wonderful job creating a readable history that threads past to present in an articulate and interesting way.”

Dave Newcomb


Fabulous! Fantastic job. Such a history of unselfishness I couldn’t put it down.”

Lynn Hill


So much detail, and story, and history. This is a fantastic resource for my work and for our community. Thank you for this incredible document and love story to Santa Cruz.”

Kate Clark

Evergreen Researcher and Volunteer 

“This wonderful slice of western history is more than the story of a cemetery; it tells the adventure of the American frontier. Immigrants from around the world made their journey West and author Traci Bliss weaves their unique stories together  giving  life to the past that is a treat to read.”

Casey Tefertiller

Award-winning Western Author

A most beautiful book, visually and in heart and story. Everyone is there in a wonderful way. WHAT A MASTERPIECE; so much love and understanding.

George Ow, Jr


“Highly recommended; well-written, an essential reference work.”

Liz Pollock